Strategic Planning Essay

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Contents 1.Introduction: 1 Company Profile: 1 Mission and vision statement: 1 Goal and Objective: 1 Core competence: 3 1.1: Strategic Planning alternative of Silk Cafe: 3 SWOT Analysis: 3 BCG matrix: 4 2. Environmental factors and Organizational analysis of Silk Cafe: 5 2.1: PEST Analysis: 6 Political Factors: 6 Environmental factors: 7 Social Factors: 7 Technological Factors 7 2.2:Significance of stakeholders on Silk Cafe: 7 3: Possible alternative strategies for silk Cafe: 8 3.1.1Sustentative growth: 8 3.1.2.Limited Growth: 9 3.1.3.Retrenchment Strategy: 9 3.2: Appropriate future strategy of Silk Cafe: 10 4. Implementation of the strategy: 10 4.1 : Roles and responsibilities of strategy …show more content…
It has been serving to its customer since 2003. Its reputation is too good. It is one of the reliable source of silk in London. It has an extra edge in silk product products. it offers an extensive product line which fits the need of individual customers. Silk Cafe collect best silk directly from the manufacturer all over the world. All customers of Silk Cafe is highly satisfied with its products.

Mission and vision statement: Silk Cafe's mission is to offer the best quality silk at affordable price. It collects silk from the manufacturers of silk all over the world and for this reason it can produce the final product at a low cost. It also focus on customer satisfaction and for work for it relentlessly.

Goal and Objective: Sill Cafe's goal is simple and straight forward. It always try to satisfy the customer with affordable price high quality product. it has also some specific objectives: * offer best quality silk * Reduce the price * provide the best material the products * Produce the products in the environment friendly way Core competence: The main competitors of Silk Cafe are the other textile companies in London. Silk Cafe continuously keep an eye on these competitors and take the actions on time

1.1 :Strategic Planning alternative of Silk Cafe:
Strategic planning is a part and parcel of any business

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