Strategic Planning Essay

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Strategic Plan
Nicholas Harvey
June 8, 2014
Erick Aguilar

Strategic Plan

At Riordan cohesiveness is the word that we want to best describe our internal culture as well as how we formulate and implement our business strategy. Although the company is departmentalized, ultimately we are one team with one mission and that is to put out the best quality product while using the most cost effective methods possible. Although there will always be unforeseen occurrences in business we believe that it is vital to create a culture in which our employees, from the corner office to the bottom floor understand the importance of continuity and team work. If we are going to achieve a desired outcome we must first have the right personnel
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We want everyone within our company to know that their ideas questions and concerns will always be taken into consideration. We want to be able to take advantage of any ideas employees have to improve operations while at the same time addressing any issues they have as soon possible. To encourage this kind of internal culture we must ensure that they are treated with respect and dignity by management. Even situations where an employee must be reprimanded it must always be done in a respectful manner. Healthy employees-management relationships are crucial for a positive internal culture and increase the overall morale within our company.
Accountability is another area of emphasis that Riordan places high on our list of business priorities. If we are to reach our long term and short term business goals it is imperative that everyone within our company takes ownership of any assigned tasks and for the work they produce. From upper management to ground floor employees, everyone is expected to maintain a certain level of work quality, task management and professionalism. The high standards that we set for our individual employees are only a reflection of the standards set for our company as a whole. We at Riordan believe that everyone within the company collectively has a certain level of accountability for the overall success or lack thereof with or company.
At Riordan we believe that having the

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