Strategic Planning Within Ge Essay

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The strategic planning process is the formulation of the company’s major objectives and execution plans. This process is of particular interest in GE. Strategy formulation is the process of choosing the best methods for a company where customer needs; competitive position and internal capability are the three factors that play the main role in strategic planning. Every manager needs to have at least a simple notion of strategic planning to formulate his strategic plans. Strategic Planning is a wide and complex subject. Strategic Management background is an essential basis of any organization.

Companies plan their various and multilevel activities. A company's strategic planning is a row of elements that describe how the company uses
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When GE goals are defined, strategies are developed to help in achieving its purposes. The GE culture is shapes under the strategic plan. The GE’s information systems are created to successfully use the strengths of human and other resources within the GE.

GE Strategic planning is the process of developing and analyzing the company's mission, near and long term goals, strategies and resources. The strategic planning process passes at the business and product level. It starts with the analysis of the GE's present strategic planning and goes on with the making up future perspectives. Strategic planning defines the methods of meeting the company’s future challenges and opportunities.

The strategic planning is necessary as it helps to create good decisions and affect the future of GE Company. It becomes obvious that effective strategic planning is a constant environmental analysis for applying the changes in the environment and turning them into the opportunities. It allows GE Company to manage or avoid undesirable environment effects.

Using the GE Strategic planning the near and long term goals are developed. GE strategy is a set of actions developed to gain long-term goals. Goals focus on vital changes. Two, three, or five years passes till the strategy is achieved. In general, GE has long-term goals for such factors as return on investment, earnings

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