Strategic Planning Of The Rockwell International Corporation Essay examples

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Strategic planning is the process by which management foresees the future of an organization through goals and objectives to attain. In the current competitive business world, strategic decisions are very important for the viability and longevity of an organization (Bashiri, Badri & Talebi, 2012). Galbraith (2011) presents strategic planning through the management history of The Rockwell International Corporation. Throughout its life Rockwell International corporation, a leader in the aerospace industry and commercial businesses went through many mergers, name changes, and even change in business focus. The article relates the undertaking of merging two purchasing styles; defense contractor, which are government contract and commercial businesses. The Corporation did well for a while with these numerous acquisitions until the extreme diversification created complex management challenges. A strategic management study conducted to address some of these management issues looked towards a more entrepreneurial leadership and not just purchasing. Rockwell’s management was well aware of its opportunities, threats, strengths, and improved where improvements were need (Galbraith, 2011).
This case presented in the article is an excellent model of a real world example of applying business strategy principles that transform distinctly different cultures and businesses into a value-added successful decentralized purchasing function. The strategic planning employed in the case of…

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