Strategic Planning : Mission And Vision Essay

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Strategic planning is an essential part in creating an effective business plan. Once an organization develops a mission statement, the next step in strategic planning is to align the company’s goals. The goals for a business should reflect the vision and mission of an organization, as well as assist in achieving the overall purpose of the company. Establishing organizational goals promotes the business’ mission and furnishes focus for staff member within daily operations.

The method in which an organization selects, develops, and executes projects should be based on the goals, vision, and mission of the company. Goals or objectives are developed to support the mission and vision of a business, provide staff members a means to conduct business, and offers a method to utilize resources (Vaidyanathan, 2013). In order to attain the goals of the organization, PMO team members must understand the mission of the business and be committed to high performance in delivering quality products and services for their clients. Research studies have revealed that high performing organizations distinguish themselves by being able to adapt quickly and effectively in their respective business environments, capitalize on new opportunities, and continually redefine the goals of the organization (Armitage & Parrey, 2013). This can be achieved by promoting organizational goals and performance, fostering communication, reinforcing the values and mission of the organization, implementing…

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