Strategic Planning For Frontline Employees Essay

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Communication is a very intricate part of a successful strategic plan. Relating to the board of directors, medical staff, frontline employees and the community about the strategic plan and how it relates to the mission and vision of the organization is an important aspect of the strategic planning process. During this process, of the strategic planning, the strengths and weakness analysis, and the objectives of the organization are evaluated. The following avenues can be used to communicate the strategic planning process to frontline employees, medical staff, board of directors and the community. In every organization, the frontline workers are the backbone of an effective health systems. They constitute part of the community and play a vital role in providing local context for proven health solutions, and they connect families and communities to the health system. Frontline employees can be involved in the strategic planning process by attending a meeting or an employee forum and getting the news of an exciting new strategy. Meetings involved face-to-face interactions and have been proven to be a more effective means of communication. Proper delivery of the message involves providing a detail explanation of the strategy and achievements, changes and expectations of the strategic planning process and rolling out the new strategy with excitement and specificity. Reference should be made to handout, leaflets and a proper demonstration on how the new…

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