Strategic Planning : A Drug Addiction Treatment Center Essay

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Questions 3: Choosing to engage in strategic planning
Various internal or external influences may influence an executive director at a drug addiction treatment center to engage in strategic planning. For instance, some internal influence may be that the agency is facing economic woes, whether it is inadequate budgeting or reduction in clients, and will need to reevaluate its budget or operations. Alternatively, if the agency’s budget is exceeding expectations then the agency may have new opportunities to provide more services to a specific population or to multiple populations. The new services could be providing co-occurring mental health treatment or providing distinct mental health and substance abuse treatment. Also, there may be a high turnover rate with employees, including top-level managers, so the executive director may need to reassess the organization’s climate. Therapists may feel overwhelmed with their caseload or use the agency as a stepping-stone for their career. Further, the executive director may want to create and implement a program evaluation to determine if the agency is providing effective services. Some drug addiction treatment centers do not evaluate their services and concerned citizens begin questioning if the agency is needed (Patti, 2008). Changing the business structure (dissolving the board of directors) may emphasize changing the agency’s goals because the focus will shift to the clients rather than the shareholders. Also, changing the…

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