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Regulation has a way of limiting certain business expansion moves and legal issues may place business and organizations in legal battles that may slow if not bring business operations to a standstill (Ghamdi, 2005).

Economic factors and variables are indicators of some sweeping movements in the customer base. Economic issues such as the economic growth rate, the interest rates, the currency exchange rates and the inflation rate are factors that strategic planning should never overlook. The economic growth rate is an overall indicator of government performance and a positive figure will provide a positive outlook for business or organizations (Swayne, Duncan, & Ginter, 2008). This will indicate that government in general has done its job well affecting the business and other sectors of the nation.

At Visiting Angels it isn't easy to make the decision to invite a caregiver into the patients home to provide homecare. That's why the personalized screening system that Visiting Angels franchised homecare agencies are trained to perform is designed to maximize peace of mind. Visiting Angels Organization offers the opportunity to interview any caregiver that is referred.

SWOT Analysis Findings

Mission, Goals, and Objectives

The essential mission, goal, and objective of Visiting Angels Assisted Living Organization is to build name recognition in the community
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