Essay on Strategic Plan, Part Ii: Swott Analysis

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Strategic Plan, Part II: SWOTT Analysis

SWOTT Analysis Today’s business world is one of many challenges; challenges with our Federal Government encroaching upon the business world with regulatory changes and restrictions, challenges with an ever-changing economic climate that seems to swing in either direction and challenges with both political parties that engage in meaningless finger-pointing, rather than looking for solutions. Having a Strategic Plan in place is important to ensure that any business has a successful start to their business life. Companies need to develop strategic plans that include performing a SWOTT analysis to establish how the business will
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The Loan Doctor eliminates the need for undertrained personnel that can sometimes cause confusion of the information on the loan application, or failed follow-through by personnel; The Loan Doctor eliminates the human error factor altogether. This online structure allows for management to oversee each function or phase of the process. This structure also allows for minimal accounting and supervision. The Loan Doctor’s ongoing and increasing database will position the business to operate in high volume by being able to accumulate data and service their ongoing database for future refinance or streamlined needs. Weaknesses Older people of our population prefer to work face-to-face with a “live body” in person, rather than working on an online system where they cannot ask questions during the process. Because of the lack of a one-on-one interaction, many customers may feel like a “number” rather than a person; in today’s “entitled” society, many people like to feel important, with an online format, these same people may view this online format as “cold” and impersonal. Our location, or lack of a physical location, would be seen as a weakness. Other mortgage companies

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