Strategic Plan Part Ii Swott Analysis Essay

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Strategic Plan Part II SWOTT Analysis

Strategic Plan Part II SWOTT Analysis
The formation of a new and unique business requires a significant amount of analysis before the business can begin operations. The importance of conducting an internal and external comprehensive analysis serves to identify the internal strengths and weaknesses of the business model and the external analysis serves to identify the opportunities, threats, and trends that will impact the business. The information gathered during the SWOTT analysis is essential to ensure the sustainability of the business venture and the creation of a strategic plan.
Economic Factors
The current economic conditions in the United States and around the
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Kaizen’s leadership team will be required to stay abreast of any new regulations and laws introduced to guarantee compliance at all times (Beesley, 2009).
Adaption to Change
Kaizen has developed an effective strategic plan that can adapt to the constantly changing environment. From changes in technology, regulations, market conditions, etc. change can be hard for business owners and operators to adapt. However, failure to adapt to and embrace change is one reason small businesses fail (Garcia, 2009). To ensure Kaizen is aware of and embraces changes the company is dedicate to continual learning and training for all employees. Employees may also find it difficult to adjust to change for various reasons, to mitigate this risk Kaizen will implement programs that reward or provide incentives to employees who excel at adapting to change; this should increase employee morale and encourage reluctant employees embrace change to make adjust his or her perspectives.
Supply Chain Operations
To effectively manage the supply chain, Kaizen will partner with a vendor to integrate supply chain operations by linking it to our POS and sales forecasting system. As we establish our sales patterns, this will become more effective as we will know what items have the highest demand and during what seasons. Kaizen will be selective about the

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