Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business Essay

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Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
January 27, 2014

Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
Organizations must be able to stand out and stay competitive with other organizations within the same industry. In my community, a small business that needs to be introduced is a day care center. I will be the owner of the center and operator of the center; the décor will be kid friendly with bright clean colors. This will be a place when a family walks into the center it feels welcoming. Setting my day care center apart from the other centers in the area will be a challenge. Below is the mission and vision statement for my establishment along with the outline of how I plan to set my business on top of the
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The promises made to the parents, and the children are to make sure their child is safe and provided with an age appropriate developmental program. The culture of the business will come from my culture and how I was raised. This is to show people with respect, have a passion for children, respect for diversity, show leadership, and teach how to balance work and life. Ethics and social responsibility are a high priority for the child care center. Social responsibility and responsiveness to the children, parents, teachers, and the community are shown by listening and watching how one responds. Taking action upon situations and resolving them is a priority.
In opening a business, a mission and vision statement should be created. This allows for the public and employees to have an understanding of what the owner of the business is promoting and inspired in creating this organization. The business will not be successful if the staff and the owner do not follow the values and goals that have been created for the business. The mission statement will show the public what the business is now, and the vision statement is creating what the business wants for the future. As a business, we must make sure to keep the promise from the organization to the customers. If the promises are not met nor kept the business will not be successful and this has to be carried out by the staff and the owner. A child care center is a

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