Strategic Marketing Management Essay

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Assessment Criteria Evidence
(To provide evidence of Achieving Assessment Criteria Learner should provide the following )
1.1 Discuss the role of strategic marketing in an organization.
For AC1.1, learners need to show that they understand the difference between strategic and tactical marketing. They need to use established models and definitions to develop theirdiscussion.
1.2 Explain the processes involved in strategic marketing.
For AC1.2, learners will be expected to understand and explain the processes involved in strategic marketing. This will involve looking at a range of processes and learners may wish to draw on their own experiences in the workplace to amplify their points.
1.3 Evaluate the links between strategic marketing
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But prior to exploring the first facet, the meaning and sole”... (businesscasestudies, 2013).

The Impact of Strategic Management Decisions – Wilkinson (Case Study)" 03 2013. 2013. 03 2013 <>.

As written by Mac-MacDonald

“Strategic Marketing planning is a management process leading to a marketing plan. It is a logical sequence and a series of activities leading to the setting of marketing objectives and formulation of plans for achieving them”

In other words Strategic Marketing
Strategic marketing is the long term plan you prepare for reaching a specific goal, usually it extends from three to five years.
We have to understand that who is our customer and what concerns him. And to know quite well why he buys & what he buys – it is important to imagine the surroundings through the customer eyes according to their needs and then start we can then start our market plan.
So strategic marketing is the content of our marketing message that needs tactical marketing to be read through.
Marketing plans should get the consideration of target market predictions and simplify their decision-making. This will make it easier for the

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