Strategic Management : Top Manager For A Period Essay example

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A strategy makes the fundamental decisions and guilds the organisation operate effectively (Johnson & Scholes, 2002). According to Johnson & Scholes(2002) , Strategy management has three stages: strategic analysis, strategic process and strategy implementation. Strategic process can be defined as the way all the elements link together to develop and fulfil the strategy in the organizations.

The global garment industry develops rapidly and get annual growth rate of 4.3% since 2000, which means there is a chance to improve the market share or may meet more fierce competition. Strategy direction of the fashion enterprise is considered a significant factor that concerns the survival or growth mentioned by Mike (2002).

In the field of strategic management theory, a number of scholars have proposed a variety of enterprise strategic management model. Strategy process analysis in the literature focused on top manager for a period (e.g., Barr, Stimpert and Huff, 1992; Bourgeois, 1980) then paid more attention on the role of other organizational and other units (Pietro Mazzola and Franz W. Kellermanns, eds., 2010) There are two typical strategic planning models will be evaluated in this essay: model 1 (figur1) from Hill & John and model 2 (figur2) from Richard Lynch.

The purpose of this essay is to analyse these two models and distinguish which one is more suitable in the fashion industry. The main part of this essay is focus on comparing two models with analytic approach. Finally,…

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