Strategic Management : Strategic Leadership Essay

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Strategic leadership does not come without putting in hard work in many businesses. Research shows that less than 10 percent of managers actually display proper strategic skills, which is a very small number when we consider the mandates placed on businesses today. Strategic skills are necessary in all aspects of business when thinking in terms of growth. When times are difficult, funds are stretched, it is imperative that leaders guarantee that company resources are utilized in the correct capacities.
Management within these businesses often is faced with immense burdens to increase short-term figures and display instant gains. In corporate America today, operational leadership seems to be the focus of many organizations. This mentality could lead to management losing focus. Executives can often be heard saying, “We are running fast in many different directions.” Furthermore, managers who stand out are those that are successful at achieving short-term goals while resolving operative problems. However, they may also feel uncertain when they are challenged with more multi-faceted issues. There are advantages and disadvantages to strategic management.
Releases Board Accountability
Many companies state that having a strategic leadership program helps to alleviate some of the responsibility’s that are placed upon the Board of Directors.
Pushes for an Unbiased Valuation
Strategic leadership offers a regulation that allows the Board of Directors and senior management…

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