Strategic Management : Southwest Airlines, And The First Successful Operation Of The Company Low Cost Carrier

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This current paper attempts to consolidate the various frameworks presented in the literature of strategic management that will improve the overall performance of the companies better. The first paper discusses the issue of airlines Southwest, and the first successful operation of the company low-cost carrier in the United States of America. Caused two cases the problem is one of the Southwest Airlines experience, which was to some extent linked to the management of the new leadership appointed in 2001. This difficulty is a major change in the culture of the southwest, high fuel costs and wages. As these problems are also associated with the expansion of business southwest. Primaries is the analysis of how Southwest Airlines company a competitive advantage and posted on the five largest companies in the United States has achieved. After that, the paper examines about two academic journals that give helpful frameworks for southwest airline to conquer the troubles which they face. One of these provides a framework of academic journals (Goolsby typical leadership) that support the culture side, and the other provides the framework (in Porter strategies), which is effective competition in the market in terms of cost. After viewing these two morals have academic journals, and attempts to integrate the present paper theoretical concepts and apply it to the case of Southwest airline. Finally, the paper offers some recommendations and suggestions that will improve the best to work…

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