Strategic Management on Mcdonald's Essay

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Mcdonald's, Glory of the past? Late 1990s and Early 2000s
McDonald's Corporation (McDonald’s) is the world's largest foodservice retailing chain. The company is known for its burgers and fries which it sells through over 30,000 fast-food restaurants in over 119 countries. A majority of McDonald’s restaurants are operated by franchisees. The company also operates restaurants under the brand name ‘The Boston Market’. The company operates primarily in the US and the UK. It is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois and employs 465,000 people.
In our assignment, the strategic focus would be on Mcdonald's Glory of the past which includes reseraching and analyzing the competitive advantages, business-level strategies related and
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Without some distinct competitive advantages you're unlikely to remain in business for long. Mcdonald's task therefore is constantly to search for ways to improve, develop, enhance existing competitive advantages or discover new competitive advantages that will make doing business with Mcdonald's more attractive and compelling than with other businesses.

Fig1.1- Galbraith's Star Model of organizational design 2

Corporate brand
In 1960 the McDonald's advertising campaign "Look for the Golden Arches" gave sales a big boost. The advertising was an investment that would in the end come back many times over, and advertising has always played a key role in the development of the McDonald's Corporation. Indeed, McDonald's ads have been some of the most identifiable over the years.
In 1962 McDonald's replaced its "Speedee" the hamburger man symbol with its now world-famous Golden Arches logo.
A year later, the company sold its billionth hamburger and introduced Ronald McDonald, a red-haired clown with particular appeal to children.

This involves being different from the others. The same product or service as others, to make it different but do not have to have a unique product in order to use differentiation. Mcdonald's can start out with exactly the same product, service or raw materials commonly available

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