Strategic Management Ikea Analysis Essay

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Jorge De Solá Bocardo
University of Cadiz ( Spain) Case study IKEA Strategic management

Main factors of development of IKEA
Strenghts and weakness
Oportunities and threaths
Main strategic problems out of Swot analysis
Identification of corporate strategy
Your suggestions and recommendations

Main factors of development of IKEA
The company starts when Ingvar Kamprad from Sweden and when he was really child only with 17 years old, he started selling matches and later on added ballpoints in his product list. He used to have a curious
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But as main idea, we must emphasize that the fact that the founder of IKEA realized that he must find a way to manufacture cheaper than the conventional and then given an opportunity to put low price with a quality major design along with the dynamics of this group having sales furniture, is the most important point in terms of business development, in my view critical.

Strenghts and weakness

Strenghts: * Price has a meaning: the proposed positioning of IKEA at first can have a very important, because as we said in the previous question, is a great strength that IKEA can sell good products at low prices * For saving the problem of distance makes ikea can maintain low prices * Another of the great strengths we can draw from this great group, which has been working for so many years, is that after a great job, IKEA has gained a great image and quality to its competitors, the brand itself is IKEA success syndrome

Weakness: * One of the weaknesses that I believe can greatly affect this group is that their products are not appropriate as we see in the case to

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