Strategic Management, Goals, And Mission Essay

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Strategic Management, Goals, and Mission Are Critical To the Success of an Organization
The purpose of this paper is to reflect and make an analysis of the general success of an organization, by the importance of meeting its goals and mission. Provide recommendations based on the SHRM case, Reyes Fitness Center, Inc., and thoughts of overall performance to improve in which practices and theories utilized most effectively. Upon such, draw conclusions and provide an integration of current material into an individual argument. The accomplishment of this will be achieved by identifying several key practices from published documents surrounding and encompassing human resources, strategic management and the text, comparing them to known relative concepts for a holistic view.
The Reyes Fitness Center, Inc. is a growing mid-size U.S. company providing a full range of workout equipment, exercises classes, personal trainers, outdoor pool, on-sight daycare, as well as a small restaurant is taking on a new role in human resources as a strategic partner. This being accomplished by human resources having the assumed role of a change agent, employee champion, administrative expert, and strategic partner inspiration and motivation of the employee’s at Reyes Fitness Center, was central to its future business objective. Twenty-eight fitness centers report a total of 51 million in revenue and 1 million in net income in net income. Complete autonomy of the organization was…

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