Essay Strategic Management, Goals, And Mission

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Strategic Management, Goals, and Mission are Critical to the Success of an Organization
The purpose of this paper is to reflect and make an analysis of the general success of an organization, by the importance of meeting its goals and mission. Provide recommendations based on the SHRM case, designing a pay structure, and thoughts of overall performance to improve in which practices and theories utilized most effectively. Upon such, draw conclusions and provide an integration of current material into an individual argument. The accomplishment of this will be achieved by identifying several key practices from published documents surrounding and encompassing human resources, strategic management and the text, comparing them to known relative concepts for a holistic view.
SHRM case in designing a pay structure is reflective of being a new human resource manager for engineering and consulting firm based out of Chattanooga, Tenn. establishing a compensation for employee is critical to be perceived by employees as fair and competitive relative to the mission as moderate equal to or above the completive market. In this case, the president established the lead pay to be customer focused business strategy by attracting and retaining high-potential employees without incurring labor cost too far above the competitors. Several steps are utilized to establish pay structure: job analysis, job evaluations, pay survey analysis, pay policy development, and pay structure…

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