Strategic Management Essay: Strategic Leadership And Effective Management

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Strategic Leadership
According to Hill, Jones, and Schilling (2015), a strategic leader is an individual who creates competitive advantages in their environment through effective management. This effective management is part of the strategy management process in which the managers or leaders chose to implement (Hill, Jones, and Schilling. 2015). John Mackey is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Whole Foods Market which was founded in 1980. Mackey has devoted his entire career to helping shoppers satisfy their lifestyle needs with quality natural and organic foods (Newsroom, 2016).
A Great Leader
The Newsroom (2016), states, that John Mackey has been recognized as one of Fortune 's "World 's 50 Greatest Leaders,". Due to his ethical
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Whole Foods implemented an immersion health program where individuals who are at high risk of developing diabetes, are encouraged to attend these immersion programs (Strategic Leadership, 2016) The program teaches them ways to manage their diet and exercise. Mackey says these programs have helped in making a difference and transforming team members who have become missionaries of a healthy lifestyle. As a result, he sees productivity increase in employees whom have gone through the program. Mackey believes in changing lives through these radical shifts in dieting (Strategic Leadership, …show more content…
He makes it a point to travel and visit over three hundred Whole Foods Stores throughout the United States. Because of Mackey’s welcoming and approachable attitude, employees feel at ease socializing with him (Strategic Leadership, 2016). During these friendly encounters he noticed a continuous question he was asked which pertained to their employee’s benefits. As a result, Mackey decided that employee benefits should be a democracy thus, every three years the company allows their employees choose to nominate particular benefit they see fit and if majority of them agree, the benefit is added. Mackey states “it’s just one of the ways the company empowers it employees and encourages innovation by nominating benefits” (Strategic Leadership, 2016).
Whole Foods Market is a firm believer of allowing its employees to help in the decision making within the company. Mackey states the company tries to decentralize its decision making as much as possible (Strategic Leadership, 2016). This action not only benefits their employee but the company as well.
In comparison Hill, Jones, and Schilling (2015) says, decentralization promotes flexibility and reduces bureaucratic cost because lower level employees are given the right to make important decisions. Furthermore, bureaucratic cost is associated with solving the transactional difficulties between business units and corporate headquarters as a company obtains

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