Strategic Management Application For Public Relations And Social Media

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The concept of strategic management can and should be applied to every type of organization to ensure success. Leadership in today’s technology driven world, must adapt and find ways to apply the principles of strategic management and leadership to remain competitive, innovative, and ensure the growth of their organization. The key to accomplishing this is learning how best to communicate to both the internal and external stakeholders of the organization. This requires a keen awareness of public relations and understanding how social media can be used as a tool to provide information, promote business, market products, educate employees, and communicate the overall strategies of the organization to stakeholders. The application of strategic management to public relations and social media can be summarized in six-steps: future scanning; scenario building; mission review; objectives, strategies and policies; strategy implementation; and evaluation and updating. (Russell, 2016)
Strategic Management Application to public relations
Step 1: Future Scanning. Technology has evolved faster in the last ten years than in the previous one hundred, and as a result, business methodology and communication has changed as well. The changes are substantial, but in many ways have increased the likelihood of success for many organizations due to the ease and speed of communicating information over long distances and within the organization itself. If an organization is to adapt to the…

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