Strategic Intent Essay

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With respect to hypothetical Business Organisation, Develop strategic intent and implementation after critical analysis of the environment.


Strategy is a unified, comprehensive and integrated plan relating strategic advantages of the firm to challenges of the environment. The strategy designed to ensure that the basic objectives of the enterprise are achieved. Strategic business management refers to a set of managerial decision and actions that determine the long run performance of a business or corporation, which is basically a process of achieving organisational objectives, by establishing a framework to perform various processes and focusing on relating the organisation to its external
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The environmental analysis was conducted in two aspects including external environment which involves the general environment, industry, competition, threats and opportunities, and on internal environment involves analysis of strength and weaknesses.
The strategic intent for the SS secondary school comprises with the mission, vision and objectives.
SS Vision is to create excellent educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged Tanzanian students, by providing education in order to help them to achieve their potential in all areas of development enabling them ultimately to contribute to the present and future of Tanzania.
SS Mission state that, At SS secondary school we provide a culturally diverse environment for students from disadvantaged background and enable them to become active learners and well rounded citizens who contribute positively to the world.
The SS school conducted the external environmental analysis where the following was established
• Economically the environment is productive but cash flow is minimal.
• Technological gap due to lack of electricity and information system.
• Political environment is conducive as education is given a high priority.
• Socially, the community is cooperating but a lot is to be done for the maximum

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