Essay about Strategic Information Security Field During World War II

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Strategic information security field has increased in the last from century from World War I, World War II and the current and post the Cold War. Obviously, the status quo changed with the end of the Cold War and the onset of the September 11th?s attacks on America, the strategic security field is now abuzz with what will come next. Among the strategic security analysts, we have seen that Huntington believes in future conflict, which is based on ?civilization? lines drawn on a variety of geographic, religious beliefs and ethnicities among others. Each of these modern social scientists has created concepts from the past and present, as well as future paradigm shifts of how international security will evolve. The prior cited examples separate how the future will be within the international political framework. These authors have carefully tried to create a theoretical picture of what the international landscape will appear to be based on an array of discoveries in personal, their perceptions of possible future conflicts and international factors. Creating theories that explain, past, present, and future phenomena is not a new approach in academics. Most notably, many in the field of physics have tried to explain how matter acts while in motion through space time; not just today, and yesterday, but tomorrow, as well. When trying to explaining how electromagnetism and gravity were interrelated, Einstein coined the term ?unified field theory? (UFT) by combining two distinct…

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