Strategic Information Management Essay

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Business Report 2000 words Answer the question below in an academically rigorous manner, using business report style, with claims supported by referring to relevant literature. The assignment will need to be a mix of your own intellectual property (interpretation and analysis) and evidence drawn from published material to support your arguments, or the case you are building. You may make appropriate assumptions about the case as required, but please note them in your report. The Case The luxury clothing retailer Excellence, recently spent millions on IT for its futuristic “exicenter” store in New York, but the flashy technology has turned into a high-priced disaster. The company needed to …show more content…
In practice, the process was hardly that smooth. Many shoppers never quite understood the pedals and disrobed in full view, thinking the door had turned opaque. That is no longer a problem, since staff members usually leave the glass opaque, but often the doors get stuck. Some of the dressing rooms are only available to VIP customers during peak traffic times. With the smart dressing rooms and handhelds out of action, the wireless network in the store is nearly irrelevant, despite its considerable expense. As Excellence’s debt reportedly climbed to around $US 1 billion in late 2011, the company shelved plans for the fourth exicenter store in San Francisco. A third store opened in Tokyo to great acclaim, albeit with different architects in a different market. Though that store incorporates similar cutting-edge concepts, architect Racquel Prestidge emphasised that avant-garde retail plays well only in Japan. “This building is clearly a building for Tokyo”, she told the New York Times. “It couldn’t be somewhere else”. The multi-million dollar technology is starting to look more like technology for technology’s sake rather than an enhancement of the shopping experience, and the store’s failings have prompted Excellence to re-evaluate its exicenter strategy. The Task Prepare a business report for Excellence’s senior management team. The aim of the report is to:
1. Identify the likely causes of the

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