Essay about Strategic Human Resource Management ( Hrm )

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Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) Where are we now; Where do we want to be; How will we get there; and How will we know when we arrive; are all key questions organizations typically ask when developing their strategic plan (Reed & Bogardus (2012). Strategic planning reflects the direction a company is headed when forecasting to achieve long-range goals. In addition, a company’s mission statement serves as the purpose of the company, which shows where the business is going. The concept of strategic human resource management provides the direction on how to build the foundation by creating organizational structure, design, culture, system thinking, appropriate communication strategies and a vision that prepares an organization for change, flexibility and adaptability on organizational business decision making (Vosburgh, 2004). According to Reed & Bogardus (2012), the human resource element plays a vital role in strategic planning. his paper will address procedures used in human resource strategic planning and management, including the framework, explain how Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) fits into the overall strategic planning process, and identify components that HR must consider when developing a strategic plan.
HRM Planning
Strategic HRM is the foundation that provides strategic advantage to any organization (Simpkins, 2008). Within this ambit of the HRM discipline comes corporate social responsibility as it relates to values and…

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