Strategic Diversity Plan Goals And Implementation Essay examples

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Strategic Diversity Plan Goals and Implementation
Goal 1: Create a comprehensive curriculum in all classes that encompasses works and artifacts from multiple cultures to provide a diverse learning environment for every student.
I. Beginning in 2017, honors, dual-enrollment, and humanities classes will increase multi-cultural learning by adding 20% more multicultural works into the curriculum and adding multicultural artifacts into the honors portfolios. Teachers will begin preparing new curriculum immediately in order to implement in 2017.
II. Beginning in 2016, biannual surveys will be given to students, faculty, and families by surveying multicultural environment of each school. Adjustments to individual school goals will be made as survey results are analyzed.
III. By 2020, 80% of teachers, students, and parents will rate their curriculum as cross and multi-cultural as demonstrated by surveys, lesson plans, and TEAM Rubric evaluations.
IV. Because “diversifying our collections and programs requires intentionality” (Hands, 2015, p. 20), a plan of action as outlined in the Strategic Diversity Plan will be modified for everyday classroom use using collaboration among teachers, staff, students, and administration. A school-specific modified plan will be completed by May of 2016, and adjustments will be made regularly as needed. Each school will make its specific diversity plan and goals made available to the community by August of 2016.
V. Beginning in the…

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