Strategic Direction And Global Security Essay

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The key general capabilities necessary to rebalance the Joint Force 2025 given the current strategic direction and global security environment to ensure Freedom of Maneuver (FOM) in the global commons and dominance within the cyber and space domains. Enhanced capabilities to protect cyber and space domains and synchronized partnered alliances are required to counter threats to these domains. This rebalancing is warranted to maintain a level of readiness that meets the needs of the National Security Strategy (NSS). By addressing key capabilities in each branch of service and the general capabilities needed for cyber and space succinctly maps the path ahead for the Joint Force 2025.
Three publications are tantamount in directing the Joint Force to leverage the skills within the enterprise. The Capstone Concept for Joint Operations (CCJO), The Quadrennial Defense Review 2014 (QDR 2014) and the National Military Strategy 2015 (NMS 2015) all focus on the need for FOM in the global commons. To this end they highlight the need for U.S. global leadership, security and control of cyberspace and space, the projection of power to deter, deny and defeat enemies as well as a strong network of alliances.
The Joint Force 2025 must rebalance the maritime focus to maintain the nation 's preeminence as a world trading partner, protect natural resources and support allies. The United States needs a force that is able exact a level of lethality to achieve its goals of protecting vital trade…

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