Strategic Decision For Strategic Choice Essay

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Strategic Choice

We are in a high-technology field. The scope of our business is high-growth venture, and we intend to achieve rapid growth and high profits on investment, introducing a wide variety of new products and services to a large market.

Strategy is not possible to create perfect, even the most sophisticated strategy evaluation cannot possibly anticipate all the detailed problems which might be encountered in the implementation of a strategies. So, it is necessary to understand that strategic decisions will be redefined and reevaluated constantly.

We select mentioned strategies against company 's objectives and by using judgment of the situation on the available facts, and seeing how different strategies will fit the overall mission of the company.

Any strategy have three main aspects, which are considered in a process of creating strategy. First aspect is base on which strategy was generated. Second aspect is considered with alternative directions for strategy to be developed. Third aspect consider alternative methods by which any direction of development will be achieved. The choice between development options is strongly dependent on the particular circumstances the company is in.

Basis for Strategy

This section presents the basis on which the company will survive, compete, build and sustain its competitive advantage, and reach a superior level of performance. We will mainly rely on three generic strategies: (1) low-cost, (2) differentiation, and (3)…

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