Strategic Choice and Evaluation Essay

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Strategic Choice and Evaluation STR 581
University of Phoenix

Identifying a organizations alternatives is a concern for most major companies. The starting point is in strategic analysis, this is process that managers use to evaluate and select their competitive advantages which will help separate them from their competition in the market. Leading organizations shoulc “choose among alternative grand strategies to guide a the firms activities, particularly when they are tyining to decide about broadening the scope of the firms activities
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Achieving the long term business goals for Apple Inc. has been focused around developing easy to use quality products for the customers. Apple develops products that complement each other well, increasing the sales of their products. When buying an iPod you have the option to download the music from iTunes. It makes it very easy for the customer to use a quality product with minimal hassle and difficulty. The grand strategy is all brought together through one final marketing strategy. Apple Inc. sells their products in their own store. This gives Apple the ability to provide customers with an atmosphere where they feel comfortable asking questions and experimenting with new products. Apple is very consistent from the very first idea through the selling of the product in the store with their strategy and how the product is handled (CRM Editors, 2011).
Apple, through the leadership of Steve Jobs, has been able to historically and consistently provide visionary products that rose to industry heights. The innovation produced by Apple has brought the company out of the early shadows of Microsoft by creating its own industry to lead. Much of the “think-out-of-the-box” world prefers Apple products and their seamless connectivity from one Apple product to another Apple product or service.
The recommendation is to continue to follow the current business model of customer development to keep the customer in primary focus.

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