Essay about Strategic Choice and Evaluation

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Strategic Choice and Evaluation
STR/581 Strategic Planning & Implementation
June 3, 2012

Strategic Choice and Evaluation Wegmans strategy is to focus on people, community. According to Wendy Webster, general manager of Wegmans’ Columbia store, “taking care of your people and your community are the key elements of Wegman’s approach to doing business” ("Howard County Chamber Of Commerce", 2012). Wegmans believes that good employees working together to reach a common goal can accomplish anything that they set out to do. The goal of Wegmans is to be the very best at serving the needs of their customers. The company also believes that the way to achieve that goal is to fulfill the needs of our own people, or employees. Wegmans
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By implementing the price freeze for customers it is evident that the company is devoted to provide the clients with the best value products.

Identify a Generic Strategy defines a generic strategy as “basic approaches to strategic planning that can be adopted by any firm in any market or industry to improve its competitive performance. The three fundamental marketing strategies are: differentiation strategy, focus strategy, and low cost strategy.” In a differentiation strategy, a company’s goal is to develop and market specialized products for different customer segments. In a focus strategy, “a company concentrates its resources on entering or expanding in a narrow market or industry segment. A focus strategy is usually employed where the company knows its segment and has products to competitively satisfy its needs” ( Lastly, a low cost strategy is “a pricing strategy in which a company offers a relatively low price to stimulate demand and gain market share” ( In an effort to remain competitive in the grocery store industry, Wegmans focuses on a generic strategy of differentiation. Wegmans differentiates itself from other grocery chains by providing a unique atmosphere, providing a large selection of products, providing customers with quality products and customer service. Through the years, Wegmans has been able to create positive name

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