Strategic Challenges Of Human Resources Management And Human Resource Management

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1. Introduction
Planning is part of a process that aims to establish a path to be followed by employees during the execution of a project. Every organization needs a strategic model that drives the development and ensures the prosperity of the group in a sustainable and continuous way. It is the initial strategy of a company that will base and direct all planning processes. For the Human Resources Management (HRM) department, the greatest challenge is to know how to manage the people who carry out those plans, influencing and directing them to comply with the overall strategy of the organization, reflecting in the results and achieving maximum progress.
The HRM professional of today, particularly, must be able to fulfil the strategic plans
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The definition of HRM
According to Johnson P. (2009), HRM in contemporary organizations is a set of activities designed to maximize the performance of employees with the fulfilment of the strategic aims of senior management as objective. Guest (1987, p.504) has described it as being a “set of policies designed to maximise organizational integration, employee commitment, flexibility and quality of work.”
In order to further conceptualize the role of Human Resources Management in the organization, Collings D. and Wood G. (2009, p.5) have described it as “a range of practices associated with managing work and employment relations”, that could be divided into two main groups: hard and soft.
The soft group stresses on aligning HR policies with organizational strategy, seeing employees as valuable resources and foundation of competitive advantage and it values the human element, placing pronounced interest in human behaviour sciences. (Legge, 1995; D’Art, 2002),
The hard group is more concerned with outcomes and uses HRM to obtain the results set out by the strategic objectives of the organizations (Forbrun et al., 1984). It emphasizes on capital, and within these organizations, the main focus is in maximizing
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Instead, it will help professionals to organize ideas and shape their daily activities. Each department of the company will develop its own strategies and tactics to accomplish maximum efficiency within their own context. Therefore, in any given organization, directors are met with the great challenge of guaranteeing consistency throughout the business, ensuring the people responsible for the various areas of the company are aware and committed to the implementation of the wider organization strategy.
4. The link between human resources management and organizational strategy
Guest D. (1997, p.264) has cited the work of Miles and Snow (1984), in which they suggest “that firms that have a fit between business strategy, structure and HRM policy and practice will have superior performance.” Moreover, Huselid (1995) proposed that the idea that outcomes will be positively affected by aligning HRM practices with the organizational strategy, has grown considerably in popularity amongst scholars in recent years and has been the main focus of many studies.
HRM management is responsible for developing planning and policies aimed fundamentally at bringing favourable changes to the way a business manages their human capital. The actions taken primarily by the organization to implement strategy will serve as a base for the HRM professional when making those

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