Strategic Bombing Of World War II Essay

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The main ideas presented in Major Problems in the History of World War II: Chapter 4 revolve around the analysis of the use of strategic bombing and its effects on the war. Documents presented in this chapter focus on the importance of naval and air warfare as well as the most effective way to defeat Germany as presented by allied leaders. Historians Richard Overy and Michael S. Sherry provide their analyses of the importance of airpower in the war and how it affected all parties involved in the war. Overy discusses the importance of naval and air power and how strategic bombings were able to shape the outcome of the war, while Sherry talks more about the destruction caused by the bombings during the war was directly linked to fanaticism that is technological in nature. The main idea of Richard Overy 's document in Major Problems in the History of World War II: Chapter 4 is that the air and naval advantages on the allied side of the war were vital to their success. Overy discusses the importance of supply routes through the Atlantic and how German U-boats impeded the movement of necessary logistical support for the allies of the US. He indicates that British Admiral Sir Max Horton was key to the reshaping the allied approach to dealing with German naval power by reorganizing the escort system and increasing the standard for training and preparation. Another aspect to the victory in the Atlantic was increased usage of long-range bombers to destroy German submarines. Once the…

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