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Strategic Audit for iRobot Corporation Case Study

I. CurrentSituation
A. CurrentPerformance iRobot designs and builds robots that make a difference in the home, field and workplace. iRobot was founded in 1990 in Delaware, Massachusetts and it was the first company to introduce robots into the life of the household and make the robots part of their daily life. In comparison to the other products, home products were the most successful ones. Some of the iRobot’s products are: Roomba (vaccum cleaning), Scooba (floor cleaning), Brava (floor mopping) – home products; PackBot, SUGV, Warrior, etc. – Defense and Security products; iRobot Aware 2 robot intelligence software, Robot Developers Kit – developer
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Gail Deegan – served as a director since 2011, retired.
Deborah G. Ellinger – served as a director since 2011, Chief Executive Officer of The Princeton Review
B. Top Management
Jeffrey A. Beck - Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the day to day operations of the company
Glen Weinstein - Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, directing the company in the legal aspect
Alison Dean - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Russ Campanello- Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Dr. Paolo Pirjanian - Chief Technology Officer, responsible for the technology development and research for new technologies

iRobot will have greater competitive advantage and will be better prepared to handle the uncertainties of the market place, if the company scans the possible threats and opportunities of the external environment.

III. External Environment(EFAS table; see Exhibit 1)
A. Natural Environment

In order to minimize the impact of the natural environment iRobot encourages recycling and is enrolled in a national battery recycling program aimed to preserve and reuse natural resources. The company has recently partnered with Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation to make it easier than ever to recycle the old iRobot batteries.iRobot encourages its clients to not just throw away the robots/batteries, but to find the closest location

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