Strategic Audit of Staples Essay

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Strategic Audit
Staples, Inc.

Hudson Chodos
Andrew Nelson
David Pearson

Management 3800: Public Policy
Professor Bowen

I. Current Situation

Looking at Staples current performance in the past year, we will look at three things: return on investments, market share, and profitability. * Return on Investments: 9.95% * Market Share: 90% of market cap when comparing Staples, Office Depot (5.72%), Office Max (3.89%) * Profitability - $24.5 Billion in sales; $6.7 Billion in Gross Profit

Mission Staples, Inc. is the world’s leading office supplies company. The firm is committed to making it easy for customers to buy a wide range of office products and services. “[Staples’] mission is to bring easy to
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Each member has a deep understanding and extensive experience in many areas that are critical to the operations and success of Staples. For example, they have extensive experience with financial statement preparation, compensation determinations, regulatory compliance (if their businesses are or were regulated, corporate governance, public affairs and legal matters. Due to the experience of each Board Member and the five different committees that make up the board, The Board of Directors play an important role in management decisions and actively participates in future decisions of Staples. The stock of Staples, Inc. is publicly traded company where each Board Member must own significant shares of stock in the company. According to the Annual Report, each non-employee director must own a minimum level of equity in Staples worth at least five times the annual board cash retainer, which is currently $75,000. The CEO, who is the Chairman of the Board, must also own a significant portion of stock in the company. Unlike the non-employee Board Members, the CEO must own equity in Staples worth at least five times that of his annual salary. With each member owning stock in the company, there are currently no different classes of stock that provide different voting rights for board members. A. Top Management

Staples top management team consists of experience individuals with

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