Strategic And Human Resource Management Essay examples

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The Criterion Group is a New Zealand Furniture making company founded by Wally and Brian Smaill in the 1960’s. The founders vision for Criterion is to be distinct from the competition by having superior designs, quality, technology and keeping a large scale operation going, while still abiding to the companies fifteen values. Until the 1980’s, Criterion controlled about a quarter of the United States market but from this point their market share decreased, this was due to changes in the US markets demand. Strategic management is the process of creating and using strategies (textbook), human resource management is the policies created by a company to maximise organisation, integration, engagement, flexibility, results and competitive advantage for the company (textbook). Criterion must apply human resource and strategic management processes like the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and the Value chain, so that the business can adapt and thrive in the new economy. This report will outline the strategic and human resource management processes that will be needed by Criterion to gain competitive advantage over its potential competitors in the industry.

Competitive Advantage

Criterion group was a company that made ready-to-assemble furniture products for home and office use (source given). Focusing on low cost but innovative ways to manufacture a large quantity of goods. Strengths Criterion originally had to help them have competitive…

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