Strategic Analysis : Strategic Management Essay

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Strategic drifts are related to the responses of an organisation, which are encountering changes due to the dynamic external environment. Unexpected challenges may arise at any point of time during the development of strategic changes within the organisations. Strategic drifts are those incidents for which the organisations fail to identify the expected strategic outcomes (Analoui & Karami, 2009). Strategic drifts force the management to lose its focus from actual strategic plans and eventually the management gets accustomed with different course of actions, which are not that important. In this regard it is worth mentioning that even the senior management are the main targets of strategic drifts. This drifts forces the management to give importance to minor incidents and overlook a crucial problem, which may cause huge damage to the image of the organisation (Analoui & Karami, 2009) There are several ways for preventing strategic drifts however, the managers have to encounter difficulties in doing so. Firstly, in order to prevent strategic drifts, the managers aims at developing a flexible environment but in this regard it is worth mentioning that their decision making process may not be liked by the lower level management and they may not participate in the same. Secondly, the managers should study the external environment so as to plan strategically but it is well known fact that the external factors are dynamic in nature and thus it cannot be predicted. Apart from…

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