Essay about Strategic Analysis of Aldi

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What are the trends in the Australian Food Industry?
The trend within the Australian food industry seems to attempt to be competitive price-wise. Furthermore, expanded their industry to other sectors including petrol, merchandise and liquor. The food industry looks to what people want and stocks it accordingly. By branching out, those in the food industry are able to cover more segments and increase their profitability in a wider sense. Aldi’s competitive environment in Australia consists of 5 firms, the two major competitor being Woolworths and Coles.
Woolworths has positioned itself as the ‘The Fresh Food People’, aiming to provide a wide range of fresh produce in addition to dry groceries and other merchandise. Many farmers in
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Human Resource Management
Aldi’s recruitment and selection of employees is done at the localised level. Recruitment of new employees is dependent on characteristics that are consistent with the value of saving costs and Aldi usually develops its employees and provides them with career advancement opportunities by selecting internal candidates for managerial roles. Hence Aldi is able to keep the turnover costs at a low level.
Aldi also has a hands-on approach to training new employees and managers. New employees and managers are trained to be consistent with Aldi’s goal of reducing costs at every level of the value chain, reducing waste and ensuring that goods are of a high quality acceptable to customers.
Technology Development
Aldi uses the latest scanning technology for its check outs and provide the best possible chairs for cashiers at the end of a long conveyor belt, in order to reduce fatigue of cashiers and to reduce waiting time of customers in queues.
Aldi would only offer high quality goods at lowest cost available, and Aldi constantly evaluates the small range of products to identify which products better meet the customer’s demands at a low price.
Aldi has long termed relationships with

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