Strategic Alternatives For The Healthcare Industry Essay

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Strategic Alternatives Decision making, corporate strategies, and evaluating goals and initiatives in the healthcare industry are greatly influenced by the Affordable Care Act and other recent legislation passed during the last ten years. Not only did the number of insured individuals increase, organizations are now forced to contain costs while increasing the health outcomes and experiences of the individuals utilizing the services. While the overall goals are the same for each organization, how each organization reaches the goals is as different as each individual organization. This paper will discuss five articles related to the strategic alternatives in health care organizations and provide information on how the information may be helpful to an organization.
Strategic Alliances The United States healthcare industry is going through some rapid change and intense competition. Most of the change stems from the passing of the ACA, but also the need for organizations to retain profits in a time that expenses are rising. One option available to organizations to help work through the many changes is a strategic alliance. A strategic alliance consists of at least two organizations pooling knowledge and risk to achieve a long term advantage that would be nearly, if not completely, impossible individually (Judge and Ryman, 2001). Additionally, there are multiple challenges to creating a successful strategic alliance, but organizations that overcome the…

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