Strategic Action Disney On Consumer Focused Initiative Essay

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Part A
1- What strategic action Disney took in terms of consumer focused initiative? Give Examples.
Disney is one of the most famous brands in every family; it has a lot of well know cartoons and characters. However, Disney is not just a brand with animations, it is a broadly diversified media and entertainment company, which includes media network, theme parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products, and interactive media.
They used lots of strategy to took consumers focused. the first thing they did is they started to spread global. they started from the Mickey mouse and from that they made amusement parks and lots else. everyone already know that Disney place is very good place but for all people that was not possible to visit only one place in the world so that they opened lots of branches so that customer can visit any one of them the other thing they did is they give extra training to their workers and all staffs. because of this thing customer started to get fantastic customer service and that is also noticeable thing for customer of Disney.
One of the best thing what they did is they started to follow culture where they opened Disney land. that is the best strategy because if some other people will follow the culture of where they are than all customer will notice that and that was the best action what they took.
Other strategy which took place was they started to add characters in Disney. The placement of additional Disney characters throughout the…

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