Straightening Your Hair For Hair Essay

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Many people do not know how to properly straighten their hair. Their hair either always gets damaged or comes out frizzy. Also, a lot of people know how to straighten their hair but they are using the wrong methods which eventually damage to your hair. Straightening your hair is easy as long as you know what to get for hair, how to straighten your hair correctly, and how to take care of your hair once you are done straightening your hair.
First, you need to know what you will need to get started. You will need shampoo, a rubber band or a hair clip, a plastic bag or a hairdryer, a heat protectant conditioner, a silk scarf, a wide tooth comb, a blow dryer (optional), a light grease (optional), and flat irons. The conditioner does not have to be heat protected but you run the risk of causing split ends or burning your hair.
Now that you have all the materials you will need you can start the process to straightening your hair. The first thing you need to do is to comb your hair. If you do not comb your hair before washing your hair might get tangled after washing your hair. Then you should wash your hair in cold water thoroughly. You need to wash your hair three times for three minutes each time. When washing your hair do not go in circles that will lead to your hair getting tangled. Following this use your hand to squeeze excess water out of hair. Next, take the towel and put it on your back covering your shirt to prevent it from getting wet. Do not wrap your hair in the towel…

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