Storytelling Vs Storytelling

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Storytelling is a crucial, if not essential, element of ethnography. Without storytelling, the strivings for authenticity and objective representations of people and cultures through the practice of ethnography would be unattainable. Although the relationship between ethnography and storytelling is an intricate and even a potentially hazardous one if not properly carried out, it has the ability and potential to act as a link between understanding the proper practices of ethnography and the proper acceptance of others and music. By comparing and contrasting both the authenticity, single story, and listening practices of ethnography the music found in Steven Feld’s Jazz Cosmopolitanism in Accra case study, one will find that authentic understanding …show more content…
Without storytelling, ethnography would be indifferent and detached, containing only vague facts and information that give very little insight into the life and experiences of others. Ethnography containing storytelling, however, embodies emotion and has the ability to connect the researcher with the storyteller in a intimate and personal manner, opening the doors to a better sense of the views, experiences, and beliefs of an individual and culture. This sense created through storytelling allows for a better interpretation and understanding of others through the ethnographic experience. Storytelling, as a result, more accurately represents others, the central theme and objective of ethnography. Through storytelling, the intense debate and search for authenticity in representation becomes more attainable and clear. As Carole McGranahan states in here essay on anthropology as theoretical storytelling, “Stories give frameworks to hopes, to morals, to politics, to ethnographies (McGranahan). Storytelling, therefore, bridges the gap between what can and cannot be personally experienced between the researcher and the subject, giving both sides a role and authority. As a result, a deep and more authentic sense of personal and societal knowledge can be obtained through storytelling in

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