Story Of The Flood Essay

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Growing up in a Catholic household, we often read excerpts from the Hebrew Bible, where we would learn valuable life lessons and teachings that we would then implement into our everyday lives. The Book of Genesis, or the first portion of the Hebrew Scriptures and the Old Testament of the Bible, was full of the perfect ‘bed time stories’ when I was younger. The one story that is still embedded in my mind is “The Story of the Flood,” which featured a moral and righteous man, Noah. As time progressed, however, I realized that other cultures shared many commonalities between The Book of Genesis’s flood, such as The Epic of Gilgamesh, an epic poem from ancient Mesopotamia and the hit movie Evan Almighty, which made its debut in June of 2007. Throughout this essay, I will delve into “The Story of the Flood” from three various sources, revealing the lessons they share and how they are still relevant in today’s society.
The story of Noah and his ark has been around for centuries as a children’s story, however, in today’s society, no one suspects the true meaning it hides within its pages. It is important to remember that the story of Noah was written by Moses as a sacred science and lesson for the following generations that would roam the
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The most important themes that I touched on from The Epic of Gilgamesh, that were found in both the book of Genesis and Evan Almighty, are 1) obedience 2) mortality/immortality and 3) importance of being stewards of God’s, or gods’, creation. However, it is important to understand that there are many more, including love, friendship, perseverance, power, loss of innocence, and others that can be found throughout the story. It is vital for us to delve into historical novels and artifacts to understand the development of being human, to learn from the past, and to predict the

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