Story Of Life And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Faith Konsdorf was married to Bill Konsdorf who had nearly a perfect marriage. They stuck with each other through thick and thin. But one day Faith’s whole world flipped around on March 22, 2014 when Bill was not responding to any of the messages and phone calls from Faith and she immediately knew something was wrong. He had been encountered in a horrific alcohol-related crash. He was then airlifted to a hospital. Several days passed when Faith was asked the hardest question: “Whether or not to take her husband off of life support.” She prayed and prayed about it until she remembered something Bill had told her when a friend friend was dying. He said, “Never let a machine keep me alive. Let God take me when he wants.” Faith decided that it is only fair to let her husband be with God. Although she was saddened and hurt but continued with her life. She says that he was her Book of Life and still helps her write it to this day (Konsdorf 37-41). Every year, 80,000 Americans lose their life due to alcohol and it drains $220 billion from the economy (Price). Alcohol abuse is already a problem in our society today and it keeps growing and growing over time, it is time to step up and take control of the issue before alcohol takes control first. Alcohol has been around for many years and has caused numerous issues throughout history. The use of it is getting more and more out of hand as the years go on, making it more easy to become a victim of alcohol related car wrecks and even…

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