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In a world without the different ideas from authors, readers would be reading the same types of stories without any diversity. There would be only one theme of a story until a brave author would break away from the chain and make a different type of story. Sure, the writer of the story would be rejected from society for a while, but the story they wrote will change the views of future author’s writing. Literature throughout history has shown many various ideas of themes. One of the most important themes is that of individualism. The theme of individualism means to be an individual, or not conform to anyone else’s views or thoughts. Individuality is the most universal theme in all of American Literature. Individualism is demonstrated …show more content…
Mrs. Mallard received the death of her husband and was taken back. She could not begin to imagine life without him. She wept and cried continuously and refused to accept the fact Brent had died so she made her way to her room (Chopin, 526). As she sat in a chair in front of the open window, she peered out the window and saw “... The open square before her house with the tops of trees that were all aquiver with new spring life” (Chopin, 526). She slowly began to come to the realization that she was finally free from her husband holding her back. Mrs. Mallard, expected to be the widowed woman thinking about the sadness of life without her husband, is now thinking of all the joy and the new found freedom she has attained through pondering her future, the spring, and her new life awaiting her ahead (Breem). As Mrs. Mallard begins to come to that she is no longer consumed by marriage, she cries, “ Free, free, free!” (Chopin, 526). The feeling she gets is indescribable as she pronounces the fact that she will start living for herself and she can be whoever and whatever she wants (“Deictic Elements, 1). As well as the theme of individuality, being shown in Kate Chopin’s Story of an Hour, it is also shown in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s …show more content…
There comes a time when a person feels the need to resist the orders given by others. The man decided to take a shorter path to the camp in hopes to get him to his friends faster. “They had come over across the divide from the Indian Creek country, while he had come the roundabout way to take a look at the possibilities of getting logs out in the spring” (London, 499). Instead of following the group, the man decided to take a way that would benefit him come spring. As the man continued on his journey, he came to the assumption that it might not have been a good idea. He had slipped into a puddle in fifty below zero weather, just as the old timer from Sulphur Creek had mentioned (London, 503). As his extremities were freezing, he continued to walk, but as soon as he stopped his body temperature went straight back down (London, 503). The man soon came to a series of obstacles, forcing him out of fire starting tools and leaving him with frost bitten body parts. The man chose not to follow the oath and the trail set by the others, in regards to bettering himself for the spring and going against what the old timer told him to do. As the man lay down and think of how he should have listened to the old timer, he slowly drifted into a peaceful sleep of which he would never wake up (London, 509). In Jack London’s To Build a Fire, the theme of individualism is just as

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