Story Analysis : My Story Essay example

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I wanted to write a story that featured a series of anecdotes about a narrator’s experiences with his uncle and father and the dynamics that were involved with these relationships. The main objective of my story was to witness the narrator remembering memories that stood out to him and in the end, find some sort of peace with himself as he accepts the differences of his uncle and father. However, the story I ended up writing, was about a young man processing his emotions in regards to the death of his favorite uncle and not being able to come to terms with emotional distress – in the end, my story didn’t really accomplish anything and this is something that I clearly need to change. I set up an art studio and put together a canvas, but I didn’t paint a picture. Now as I work on revisions, I want my story to be about the narrator realizing how grateful he is for his family even though they have differences and are dysfunctional at times.

Ways in which I plan on revising my story include; cleaning up unnecessary language, focusing more on showing what my characters are doing and how they interact with each other rather than summarizing information, eliminating certain flashbacks and focusing on one or two specific scenes, revealing the narrator more, and addressing and clarifying the topics that people were confused by such as, “Esperanto”, “god’s country”, and “horchata” – these items were mentioned the most in the letters I received.

Moving onward, I also want to work on…

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