Story Analysis : ' I Don 't Know About Your New Bed ' Essay

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Hanna tossed the last pillow onto the bed just as the sun was setting. “Well girls, what do you think of your new bed?”
Kate climbed up and down the five-step wooden ladder a couple of times. “I don’t know. It’s kind of scary. Mom, where is Molly going to sleep?”
Hanna disappeared into her bedroom. Within minutes she returned, pushing a roll away cot in front of her. “Since Molly is the oldest, she’ll get her own bed.”
Kate and Millie gasped, “Oh man, she gets her own bed! What a luxury!”
Molly pushed her way into the bedroom, “You two better not come within two inches of my bed. It’s off limits . . . to both of you!”
Millie made a face at Molly, “Well la-de-da! We don’t care about your stupid bed, Molly. Kate and I will have more fun on the top bunk. Come on, Kate. Let’s get ready for bed. We’re going to have the best time ever in our new bed.”
The first night in their new bed, Kate and Millie lifted their feet into the air, able to reach the ceiling.
“Look Katie, I can walk on the ceiling.” Feet flat against the ceiling, Millie walked her dirty feet back and forth.
“Let’s race, Millie.” Katie used her dirty feet to mark a starting and finishing line on the ceiling, “Put your feet on the starting line, Millie. The first one to go up and back wins.” Lying flat on their backs, both girls lifted their legs over their heads, the tips of their toes making black marks on the ceiling as they race-walked their feet back and forth across the ceiling. Thus, the First Bed Olympics…

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