Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening Essay

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“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” is an extremely well known poem by one of America’s most famous poets, Robert Frost. Although this poem initially may appear to be quite simple, one shall discover that this poem actually contains a much more complex meaning. This poem is generally about the speaker pausing his journey to take a second to appreciate the beautiful aspects of winter around him. Not much is revealed about this speaker, except for the fact that his love for nature is very clear to the reader. Despite the simplicity of the overall summarization of the poem, there is a more profound meaning when taken at a closer look through prevailing elements such as imagery, figures of speech, rhythm, tone, and form. With the use of these elements, the author is able to convey to the reader that central theme of this poem is the speaker’s solitude and perhaps even feelings of approaching death. The first element that conveys the central meaning of this poem is the vivid use of imagery, including images of darkness, winter, and the woods constantly expressed throughout the poem. The setting of this poem actually takes place in the woods during a dark evening in the winter time. Frost constantly uses many static images throughout the poem such as images of winter, frozen lakes, darkness in the woods, and many more, giving this piece a timeless quality. Frost describes these woods as “lovely, dark and deep” (ln 13) and this being “The darkest evening of the year” (ln 8).…

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