Essay Stop The Illegal Selling Of Firearms

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To Have or Not to Have: Gun Control Today 's world is different than it was many years ago, where people now are feeling less safe and the crimes are on the rise as the FBI reports a 3.9% increase in the amount of violent crimes since last year. The News is highlighted with attacks like the Orlando Night club or Sandy Hook that all trickle down to a cry for more and more gun regulations and laws. The most common cries are about the need of weapons to be banned and if the situation would be prevented if certain weapons were banned. Yes , there could be a more extensive way of purchasing a firearm in the United States , but would that stop the illegal selling of firearms? The illegal purchasing of firearms typically gets weapons into the wrong hands, where they are accounting for seventy eight percent of shooting deaths. This is an enormous issue where there seems to be a threshold of you 're either against it or totally against it.. This comes into play with the national parties where the liberals are for stricter regulations and the republicans are viewed as a gun slinging Yosemite Sam. But with a non traditional nominee in Donald Trump, he shows a new perspective with this issue and how he wants to tackle the issue in hand, showing some liberal views and some conservative views. In a recent article in the New York Times, reporter Ashley Parker, a senior journalist specializing in politics , shows the conflicting views of Donald Trump on the issue of gun control.…

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