Stop Snitching Analysis

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A conflict theorist would explain the “stop snitching” culture in our society as a perpetual struggle among those people less fortunate in communities trying to survive on a day-to-day basis by avoiding the police as much as possible in order not fall victim to ineffectiveness of the civil laws and criminal penalties toward their cultural that historically has a distrust in the criminal justice system. Therefore, the social order in which the “Code of the Street” principle of “stop snitching” is adopted and passed down from generation to generation within that community guaranteeing not to succumb to the efficacy of authority – law and order because they don’t understand the conflict, discord, of those living in these neighborhoods. Conflict theorist Karl Marx class conflict dates back to the feudal system mired in an infinite source of contention among the classes seems applicable to the “stop snitching” …show more content…
Fast-forward today; society for the past several years with the assistance by the media has been portraying law enforcement officers’ that used of deadly force when it involves the opposite race, as a heinous nefarious action that if race weren’t a factor would have never

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