Stop, Question, And Frisk Essay

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About Stop, Question, and Frisk Stop, question, and frisk (SQF) is a tactics used in New York City by police officers to help lower crime rates. This tactic entails police officers to stop any suspicious person on the streets if they have reasonable suspicion about a crime that happened, is happening, or is about to happen and question the suspect. If the officer believes the suspect is armed and dangerous, they have the authority the do a quick pat-down of the suspect’s outer clothing to see if they have any weapons on them; this is known as frisking. “From the perspective of New York City police officials, these stops are essential to maintaining public safety. From the perspective of many citizens who are stopped by officers, the encounters are intrusive and unwarranted.” People have different opinions on what they believe about the SQF programs. Many people feel much safer knowing that criminals will take less deadly weapons into the streets because they might fear police officers stopping them, while some feel it is not fair and it is a violation of their fourth amendment right. “The United States Supreme Court established a national legal basis for officers to stop, question, and frisk citizens in its 1968 decision in the case of Terry v. Ohio. In the Terry case, a veteran police officer observed three men engaging in conduct that he concluded might be indicative of “casing” a store for the purpose of committing a robbery. When he approached the men to ask them…

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